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The economic needs of the country, effective use of foreign exchange and industrial as well as consumer requirements are the basic factors which influence India's import policy. On the import side the policy has three objectives:

1. to make necessary imported goods more easily available, including essential capital goods for modernizing and upgrading technology;
2. to simplify and streamline procedures for import licensing;
3. to promote efficient import substitution and self-reliance.

The Indian government's clearly laid down policy is to achieve, through a series of progressive steps, the average tariff levels prevalent in the ASIAN region. The basic customs tariff rate now ranges from 0 to 40% plus additional duty of 2%; the average rate is about 30%.

Imports are allowed free of duty for export production under a duty exemption scheme. Input-output norms have been specified for more than 4200 items. These norms specify the amount of duty-free import of inputs allowed for specified products to be exported.

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